My Fiance Beyonce

She is beauty. I pinkey promise, cross my heart hope to die that she is the most beautiful sight that my eyes have ever seen on my 21 years of life. I have never seen anything that comes remotely close to appealing to look at as her since I met her 3 years ago. I cannot stress enough how pretty this person is.

Her name is Bailey.

Isnt that just the prettiest name you have ever heard? Bailey. Oh boy her name is almost as pretty as her.

Anyway I could write about her forever, or until I get arthritis.

I just thought I would introduce her in this blog because she will be mentioned many many more times.


I love her.

What I Love

I love Jesus. Man oh man I do love him. Sometimes I forget that he is the one thing that I love the most. But now it is in writing, I love Jesus the most, and that goes for the whole trinity, I dont want God the father and the holy spirit to feel short changed. I love all three of you equally and without you I would be a meaningless piece of crap, so thank you.

I love Bailey Risberg. Soon to be Bailey Richardson if she dosent wise up soon. Bailey you have been the best person that I have ever met and the only one that I want to spend everyday with for the rest of my time on earth. It is so easy to love you even when it isnt so easy to love you; and I dont care if that dosent make sense to you, it makes perfect sense to me.

I love my family. I dont always like you but i promise I have always loved you. That goes for you too Roy.

I love nature. It is how God reminds me that he exists when I’m too stupid to remember it. Nature tells me about beauty when Bailey isnt around.

I love my friends. The good ones and the not so good ones.

I love that this blog has spell check, I am 21 years old and I dont know how to spell “doesn’t” yet. I write it as “dosent” even though I know its wrong. I also dont like useing this thing ‘. So dont and isnt have been struggling too.

I love my job. I get too make 22 acres as pretty as I can so that young people can meet Jesus. I get paid to mow grass, take care of flowers, and split wood; I hope Castaway dosent find out that I would do this for free.

I try really hard to love everything else from God. Its not easy though, but i will never stop trying. Hence my mission statement: “Love everybody because Jesus still loves you.”